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The amount spent during residency on your training as a physician make it essential that you keep track of all expenses. These expenses are not limited to tuition and exam fees. Learn how to track expenses in a time-efficient manner and be prepared for future CRA audits should they occur. Those attending this webinar will receive a copy of our Expense Tracking Worksheet for Healthcare Professionals.

What you’ll learn during this webinar on Tuesday, July 5 at 7pm EST:

  • How should I track my expenses?
  • Do I need to keep receipts? If so, for how long? 
  • When keeping records, how much detail is necessary?
  • What qualifies as an expense?
  • What’s the difference between a tax credit and a deduction?
  • Responding to a CRA audit. 
  • Which tax forms will I need? 
  • Is it possible to fix prior year returns for expenses and credits not claimed previously?


Jonathan Tucker accountant

Jonathan Tucker, CPA, CA, LPA

As the Managing Director of Tucker Professional Corporation, Jonathan Tucker is an innovative tax accountant and strategic tax advisor to hundreds of health professionals on: Tax Planning & Preparation; Accounting; Practice Management; Financial Planning.

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Tax Tip!!!

Did you know that we offer complimentary Canadian income tax return preparation services to qualifying medical residents and fellows?

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ll go over the next steps in this webinar.

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What Health Professionals Are Saying

Jonathan has been instrumental in helping manage my corporation. I appreciate his timely help, his dedication to educating me on accounting and his flexibility.

Dr. Michael VerboraChief Medical Officer, Aleafia Health | Medical Director, FieldTrip Health

Jonathan has transformed my understanding of taxation and medical accounting in an efficient and enjoyable manner. He has even sent personalized videos to explain next steps. His efficient use of technology has really made a huge impact on our interactions.

Ahmed TaherPresident, Resident Section at Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

As a young health professional, I need a tax accountant that takes the time (a lot of time) to help me through tax planning and business decisions. Jonathan always makes himself available if you need advice on urgent matters, and is up-to-date on the latest technologies with online meetings and video calls.

Aaron LangdonDentist at Dr. Joe & Associates Family and Cosmetic Dentistry