16 Tips for Preparing Your 2016 Personal Tax Return

Location: Ontario, Canada

Date & Time: 5/Apr/2017 7:00 pm

As your tax picture changes, you need expert advisers who can make sure you take advantage of the unique tax opportunities available to you as a resident. Webinars are just one way Tucker Professional Corporation serves the unique and special business needs of medical residents in Ontario. On Wednesday, April 5th, Jonathan Tucker addressed tax questions unique to medical residents as he walked through the typical resident tax return. During this time, participants:  

  • Learned ways to maximize deductions and fully utilize tuition, education, textbook and other tax credits to get the most back on their 2016 personal tax return
  • Discovered common mistakes made by medical residents and their accountants when preparing tax returns
  • Learned about the red flags that trigger CRA audits and Request for Information letters
Registration is required (and free!) to download the webinar. We encourage you to invite a friend or colleague to also view this webinar. SAVE MY SPOT