Income Tax Compliance and Advice

Taxation is a complex subject, made more so by the ever-changing regulations that govern it. You shouldn’t have to concern yourself about complying with these regulations, and as a TPC client you won’t. That’s because we make it our business to stay abreast of new and changing tax legislation, particularly as it relates to healthcare professionals like you.

We also realize that your financial concerns don’t stop at your practice door. The success of your practice affects your personal finances as well as those of your family. As your business and personal circumstances change, so does your tax picture, and you need expert advisors who can make sure you take advantage of any tax opportunities available to you. That’s our job.

Changes in your personal circumstances, such as marriage or children, also affect your financial and tax situation. That’s why we consider the total picture, business and personal, when we advise and guide you through the major financial decisions of your life.