Setting up Your Accounting Cycle

Accounting is an essential system of any successful healthcare practice. Extensive client experience has helped us to develop a standardized process for health professionals that reduces errors, bookkeeping costs (overhead) and workload.

Extensive experience with healthcare professionals

Our experience with the latest technology enabled us to develop a standardized process that benefits you by:

TPC provides focused time and resources on the important areas of your business such as strategy and tax planning

Tucker’s efficiency methodology use of technology:

Tucker’s efficiency methodology use of technology

What you get as a client of Tucker’s:

  • Complimentary access to the most recent versions of accounting software and templates designed specifically for doctors and dentists (view only)
  • Access to industry-leading accounting and billing software that is frequently updated and upgraded
  • Access to software for your billings (physicians only)
  • Automatic daily backups of your accounting data at no additional charge
  • A streamlined bookkeeping process that takes advantage of technology, allowing for improved efficiency and accuracy requiring less of your valuable time
  • Your own customized, secure portal with private access to your general ledger and other accounting reports specific to your practice
  • Secure server that you can access anytime, anywhere