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Who is it for?

Unincorporated Health Professionals at all career stages who want to pursue medical practice incorporation in Ontario.

Health Professionals operating through a corporation that want to incorporate a holding company.

What is included?

This consultation will help you determine if it’s the right time for you to incorporate your medical practice.

Examining the following variables of your situation, you’ll learn about the tax implications of each one:

Where you’ll be earning income

Your citizenship and whether you file tax returns in other countries

Shares you may hold in other corporations

Anticipated future practice locations

Incorporation vs proprietorship tax savings or deferrals

Interest deductibility on any debt you carry

Walk away with clear recommendations on whether or not practice incorporation makes sense for you at this stage of your career.

“Jonathan has been instrumental in helping manage my corporation. I appreciate his timely help, his dedication to educating me on accounting and his flexibility.”

Dr. Michael VerboraChief Medical Officer, Aleafia Health | Medical Director, FieldTrip Health
Dr. Michael Verbora Chief Medical Officer, Aleafia Health | Medical Director, FieldTrip Health

Working with Tucker Professional Corporation

Step 1: Meet us for an Initial Consultation

When you book a consultation with us, here’s what you can expect. First, we’ll examine your financial and tax history. Then, we’ll identify and clarify your short-term and long-term practice goals.

Step 2: Get A Customized Treatment Plan

After diagnosing your unique situation, we’ll share your tax options and our recommendations. Based on your needs, you can choose a tax service and any add-ons

Step 3: Develop Healthy Financial Habits

We’ll help instill discipline and healthy routines to maintain your practice finances and help you meet your financial goals.

Step 4: Ongoing Access to Strategic Advice and Support

Whether you want to discuss implications of buying a practice, a house or a car. or just need help dealing with the CRA, Jonathan and his team are here to help. All support, no judgement.

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