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How should you navigate a critical business or personal finance decision? By trying to teach yourself everything you think you need to know? By crowd-sourcing ideas from your colleagues?

Would you let your patients Google “how to cure cancer”? Not a chance. You’d never expect a patient to “figure out” what you’ve spent years learning.

Some topics require in-depth consultation. And that’s how it is with life-changing financial decisions.

You need to seek the expertise of a tax consultant to navigate the potential implications. I’ve been advising health professionals on tax, estate, financial planning, practice management, valuation and accounting for over two decades.

And I am committed to investing my time to make sure you are asking the right questions to be proactive and informed about your financial future.

Areas of Expertise

Struggling with any of these practice-related questions? Book a consultation and get personalized, strategic recommendations. Billed on a project basis.

Obtaining Bank Financing:

What resources do I need to expand my practice? How do I access them?

Preparing a Business Plan:

How will I convince the bank/lender that my business goals are reasonable and achievable?

Obtaining Subsidies and Grants:

How do I apply for CEWS (or other COVID-19 programs)? What am I eligible for?

Obtaining Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED):

How do I meet application criteria to obtain and keep funding for my research (COVID-19-related or otherwise)?

Risk Management/Insurance:

How do I identify and mitigate potential areas of risk in my business? Which insurance is right for me/my family?

GST and HST Consultation:

How do I navigate all the unknown factors related to charging GST/HST?

Other Common Questions

Facing up to a big life decision? Expect that there will be tax implications. Book a consultation and get personalized, strategic recommendations. Billed on an ad hoc, hourly basis.

What are the financial/tax implications of divorce?

How do I plan for maternal leave (yours or your partner’s)?

Should I buy or lease a new car?

Should I have my contracts reviewed?

What do I need to consider when buying a house? Is this a good time?

Should I pay off a loan before investing?

What should I consider when renting out a property (as a landlord)?

What are the worst-case scenarios I should be anticipating as a business owner?

“It's always my pleasure to refer colleagues to Jonathan because I've been so consistently delighted with the service he and his office offers. It's nice to be able to pass on the strongest recommendation!”

Dr Tobias EverettAnesthesiologist, SickKids

Working with Tucker Professional Corporation

Step 1: Meet us for an Initial Consultation

When you book a consultation with us, here’s what you can expect. First, we’ll examine your financial and tax history. Then, we’ll identify and clarify your short-term and long-term practice goals.

Step 2: Get A Customized Treatment Plan

After diagnosing your unique situation, we’ll share your tax options and our recommendations. Based on your needs, you can choose a tax service and any add-ons

Step 3: Develop Healthy Financial Habits

We’ll help instill discipline and healthy routines to maintain your practice finances and help you meet your financial goals.

Step 4: Ongoing Access to Strategic Advice and Support

Whether you want to discuss implications of buying a practice, a house or a car. or just need help dealing with the CRA, Jonathan and his team are here to help. All support, no judgement.

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