You’ve been running your practice for a few years, and finally, you feel like you’ve got a handle on accounting as a practicing physician.

Then, life happens.

Some change is great–perhaps you’ve been presented with a medical practice acquisition opportunity. Or your partner is pregnant, and you need to evaluate how you’ll manage cashflow through parental leave.

And then there are the unanticipated life-changers that can leave you blind-sided. Like divorce or a family health crisis.

Whether life takes a turn for the better or worse, it’s important to remember that there are tax implications to your significant professional and personal decisions. And if you neglect to think through, it can result in expensive mistakes that will make you wish you asked for advice.

That’s why you need a strategic tax partner who has helped physicians achieve millions in tax savings over the last 20 years.

Should I incorporate or not?

What should I be thinking about when facing a practice acquisition?

What should I be thinking about when hiring staff?

How much will I need in order to retire?

Should I have one will or two?

Is it still possible to income-split with a family member?

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Approaching Retirement Planning and Consultation

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How to Make Most of Your Wealth Consultation

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