Through the years, you’ve built great relationships with your patients, and it’s paid off in growth and financial success. Your practice probably feels like your entire life, and you may be reluctant to imagine a successor running it. You just aren’t ready to retire.

Retirement planning has been part of your wealth management strategy for years, but there’s a lot more to consider when selling a medical practice business.

For example, many doctors opt to reduce their schedules in the phase before retirement. This sounds logical, right? Except that lower revenue in your last few years of business can hurt your chances of maximizing your practice’s sales value.

We’ve helped hundreds of retiring health professionals navigate retirement planning, estate planning, and selling their business, and we can help you answer key questions like:

Do you know when it’s time to find a successor and exit your practice?

How will you maximize the value of your practice?

Have you started estate planning?

Approaching Retirement Planning and Consultation

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