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2016 Personal Tax Organizer for Healthcare Professionals

This form helps you to organize all documents necessary to prepare your T1 Individual Income Tax Return such as all applicable slips, lists and other supplemental information.

T1213 – Request to Reduce Tax Deductions at Source

STOP PAYING TAX NOW WITH THIS FORM: This form is used to request a reduction in deductions  withheld on your pay cheque.  Use this form for deductions, credits, or non-refundable tax credits that are not part of the Form TD1, Personal Tax Credits Return.   Before you send your request to Canada Revenue Agency, make sure that your income tax returns for the previous years are filed and all amounts owing are paid in full.   You usually have to file this request every year.    Send the completed form with all supporting documents  (e.g. past Notices of Assessments showing available credits, RRSP receipts, donation receipts) to your taxpayer services regional correspondence centre. You will find the address on page two of the form.

Notice of Assessment (sample)

You receive a notice of assessment because you filed a tax return or a return was filed for you. This notice shows the result of the assessment of your return. It is sent to you after we process your return. Keep this for your record. The notice shows the date CRA assessed your return and whether you have a refund, an amount owing, or a zero balance.

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