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Healthcare Professionals: Need a Form?

We’ve compiled a list of forms commonly used by our health care professional clients. Each listing contains a graphic, a brief explanation and a link to download the form from its source.

2021 Personal Tax Organizer – Healthcare

Please complete this T1 organizer. Then, upload (or attach) this organizer as well as all applicable slips, lists, and other supplemental information to your client portal, in a black and white (no colour please), low resolution formatted PDF.

Examples of tax deductible practice expenses for healthcare professionals

• Practice-related equipment purchases • Practice-related marketing and advertising • Insurance (professional, business overhead, automobile, health and dental premiums) • Interest (line of credit, term loans, etc.) • Management and admin fee (eg. Office overhead expenses) • Maintenance and repairs (equipment, office repairs/maintenance)

Notice of Assessment (sample)

You receive a notice of assessment because you filed a tax return or a return was filed for you. This notice shows the result of the assessment of your return. It is sent to you after we process your return. Keep this for your record. The notice shows the date CRA assessed your return and whether you have a refund, an amount owing, or a zero balance.

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