Foreign Trained

As a foreign trained health professional, you are an elite professional. Perhaps you have been selected for a Fellowship program with one of Canada’s hospitals. If so, this is a unique situation, and usually is in place for a specific length of time, such as a year.

At Tucker, we help foreign trained health professionals by providing the special types of information needed about business and personal financial planning and tax advice.

You need to concern yourself with your tax situation in your country of origin, as well as in Canada. Our worldwide network allows us to liaise with accountants in your country, and our expertise in the business of health care allows us to help you structure your affairs effectively for the time you are living in Canada.

Canada has a number of legal tax deferral vehicles well known to Canadians, but not always to those coming from other countries, such as foreign trained health professionals. These include Registered Retirement Savings Plans, Health Spending Accounts and Registered Disability Savings Plans. We will guide you through the maze to help you take advantage of these tax-saving vehicles while you are here.