[WEBINAR] 5 Ways to Withdraw Money from your Professional Corporation



You’ve just set up a corporation, and now you have to withdraw funds. 

You may be wondering: 

  • What are the tax consequences if I take money from my corporation?
  • When should I take more money out?
  • How much can I take?
  • Should the withdrawal be considered dividends or a salary?

These are all common questions. But if left unaddressed, they can result in confusion, anxiety and worst of all: paying excessive income tax.

Join this webinar on Wednesday October 13th at 7pm EST and you’ll learn:

  • The five ways of withdrawing funds from your professional corporation
  • The differences between salary vs dividends
  • Tax-free reimbursement of monthly expenses
  • Ways to borrow money from your professional corporation
  • Examples of tax-deductible expenses overlooked by healthcare professionals


This webinar will address questions with respect to withdrawing funds from a professional corporation and their potential income tax impact.

Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker