[WEBINAR] Medical Residents: Here’s Your Crash Course in Personal Finance & Tax.


About this webinar

This webinar will be useful for medical residents struggling with which tax forms to complete, how to track expenses and how to keep records in preparation for their careers as physicians.

What you’ll learn during this webinar on Thursday June 24th 7pm EST:

  • How should I track my expenses?
  • Do I need to keep receipts? If so, for how long? 
  • When keeping records, how much detail is necessary?
  • What’s the best process for expenses tracking? 
  • What qualifies as an expense?
  • What’s the difference between a tax credit and a deduction?
  • What qualifies as a tuition credit?
  • What happens when I get audited by the CRA? Should I respond or do I need an accountant?
  • Which tax forms need to be completed?
  • Is it possible to fix prior year returns for expenses and credits not claimed previously?
Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker