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Tuition Tax Credit

In short, no, you cannot claim the cost of exams as a deduction against your taxes, BUT the cost of certain exams and related costs can qualify for a tax credit against your income tax balance! In 2011, the federal government included a Tuition Tax Credit into its budget.

What does this credit apply to?

  • Medical Council of Canada (MCC) exams taken in 2011 and later
  • NAC exams taken in 2014 and later – if you took this exam prior to 2014, contact the program where you paid the examination fee
  • Ancillary fees related to exams (click here for full details)

When do I get my Tuition Tax Credit Receipt?

You will be able to access the receipt by the end of February in the year following the year that you took the examination.

Where do I access my Tuition Tax Credit Receipt?

You can access the receipt by logging into your account at Once the receipt appears you will be able to print it yourself – the MCC will not send you a paper copy.

For more information:

Canada Revenue Agency: questions regarding the tuition tax credit

MCC Service Desk: questions regarding your receipt

Source: Tuition Tax Credit Receipt.  Medical Council of Canada.

Jonathan Tucker