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Tax planning for any health professional is a priority, especially for those with a successful practice.

Tucker’s specialization has given us a deep knowledge base in various areas of healthcare. Besides our proprietary back-end business services and tax planning expertise, we also help specialists with business aspects that apply specifically to them.

Just as one example, many Plastic Surgeons are unaware of their GST registration and filing obligations.

You will naturally be interested in minimizing the tax you pay on your income, and that is a major component of the services offered by Tucker Professional Corporation. But there’s much more we can do to help manage your practice.

• What are the important statistics and benchmarks for managing your practice?
• Know when to hire staff?

Providing guidance on these and other vital business questions is part of the service Tucker provides to healthcare specialists.

We also offer support as you as your practice expands. For example, perhaps you’re considering purchasing a practice. We can assist; with the negotiations as well as obtainomg the necessary financing to make the acquisition. If you are ready to grow, we will help you structure your growth tax effectively.