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[WEBINAR] Getting Organized for Tax Season



About this webinar

Tax season is coming up, but relax, you don’t need to take two days off work to get organized.

We are hosting a webinar to review our 2020 tax organizer, intended to save you time and stress as you pull together receipts, forms and other important details in advance of tax season. 

This webinar is directed towards existing clients of Tucker Professional Corporation, but would also be useful for any healthcare professionals who feel they need a more structured process to prepare for tax season.

The benefits of attending this webinar on Tuesday, February 16, at 7pm EST:

  • Reduce the risk of missing important details in your taxes.
  • Ensure you capture any COVID-19-related details that may affect your return.
  • It will provide you with a refresher on upcoming dates for 2021 tax instalments, 2020 income taxes and RRSP contributions.
  • It will provide an opportunity for questions you may have on filing tax returns, and/or filling out the organizer.

Start prepping now so you can enjoy peace of mind when tax season rolls around!

Jonathan Tucker