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[WEBINAR]Income Earned from Interest, Dividends or Capital Gains – Which Costs You More In Tax? Part 1


About this webinar

Although this might surprise you, interest income costs you more in tax than any other form of investment income.  

For the first time in a long time, rising interest rates are capturing the attention of individuals with money to invest. As an example, you can now earn a guaranteed annual rate of return of 4.9%* before tax, in a savings account. Yet, if you are a healthcare professional earning more than $220,000 annually**, income tax will effectively reduce this rate of return to just 2.3%. In other words, 53 cents of every dollar earned from interest income goes to CRA! 

Compare this to an investment yielding the same return – 4.9% – but earned as dividend income.  This form of investment will leave you with roughly 3% after-tax**.  That’s a difference in tax rates of almost a third between interest and dividend income…in favor of dividend income.

This webinar addresses the taxation of different forms of investment income earned by individuals (not corporations…that’s part 2).

This webinar will address:

  • The tax consequences of interest, dividend, and capital gains income,
  • Tax-efficient strategies for earning interest, dividend, and capital gains income,
  • The deductions which can reduce investment income and income tax,
  • Interest claimed as an expense,
  • Factors to consider beyond tax consequences, and
  • How to take advantage of your investment losses.
Jonathan Tucker