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[WEBINAR] Residents, Fellows and New-to-Practice Physicians: Learn Best Practices for Tracking Tax-Related Expenses in 20 Minutes



About this webinar

Expenses tracking. Cringe. You know you should be doing it, but you can never manage to find the time to tackle it. And to be honest…it looks time-consuming and boring.

Well, here’s the truth of it: Without a good system, it IS an onerous task.

Unless you’re tracking on a monthly basis, it’s easy to forget which Amazon or eBay purchase was for work or home. And when–not if–you get audited, it will be next to impossible to round up months or years-worth of receipts.

As a medical resident, fellow or new-to-practice physician, there is no way of getting around it: you’re going to have to track your expenses. 

But don’t waste time figuring out how to do it yourselves. On this webinar, we’re going to teach you how to do it in 20 minutes or less per month.  

With a clear expenses tracking process, you can start 2021 with peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be in great shape for tax time next year.

Best of all, this system will ensure your financial records are in excellent health until you retire.

In this webinar,  we’ll cover:

  • How to download your expenses quickly and efficiently from your bank’s website (we’ll go over RBC, Scotiabank, TD Bank, CIBC and BMO)
  • How to reduce your taxes immediately and save money
  • How to use our proprietary expense tracking worksheet to avoid duplication of work
  • How to ensure your records are audit-proofed
  • How your accountant can help you correct missed expenses from previous years
Jonathan Tucker